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Better Trader

The project: BetterTrader SAAS analysis tool - statistically based

The task: Design and develop an application for active traders.

What we did: Starting from the idea phase, design and algorithms all the way to an intensively used product that has been integrated with brokers and service providers.


The project: QuantShield integration and website development.

The task: Develop an algo-trading API, and a website to market it.

What we did: Integrated with a trading events calendar and created a QuantShield API that delivered a way for steady algo-trading, avoiding volatile times. We then developed a website to market this API tool.


The project: CMMS - Management software for factories

The task: Creating a product out of a prototype.

What we did: Inheriting the project in the prototype phase from a developer that quit. After 1 month the client had a working product with his first client.


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